Our usual charges are shown below

The standard surgery consultation charge for a patient who holds a States of Jersey Health Card is:

  • £45 for an adult (aged 18 and over)
  • £15 for a child under 5 years old when seen in the surgery*.
  • £20 for a child aged 5 to 12*.
  • £30 for a child aged 13 and over and students in possession of a valid student card*.

*Please note home visits and JDOC Out of Hours Consultations are a standard fee regardless of age.

There are additional costs for other extra services e.g. blood tests, flu vaccination, ECGs, and a price list is displayed on the reception desk.

Smears are now free of charge for Jersey residents over the age of 25 who are due a smear (no consultation fee will be charge as long as the appointment is for a smear only).

Accounts should be paid at the time of consultation, however if they are not, they must be settled within seven days and a small administration charge will apply.

We accept cash, cheques and debit/credit cards.

Patients who fail to attend an appointment, without phoning to cancel with reasonable notice (at least 2 hours), may be charged £20 "Did not attend/late cancellation fee".

HMA patients will have their consultation fees paid by the Social Security Department.

Patients who do not hold a States of Jersey Health Card will be charged as a private patient, which is usually the standard consultation charge plus an additional £20.00